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Novembro 23, 2020

What mask should i wear on the street?

There are 3 types of mask, however, each has its function and are predestined for certain and certain situations.
Novembro 9, 2020

Does wearing a mask affect oral health or not?

The answer is YES. Wearing a face mask for long periods of time can create tooth decay and bad breath.
Outubro 23, 2020

Use of the mask required. Learn what to do

If before it was a duty, now the use of a mask is an obligation. At least for the next three months, the mask will have […]
Outubro 6, 2020

Shall we take the protective masks to school?

This school year gets off to an unprecedented start with regulations and restrictions in schools due to the pandemic.
Outubro 6, 2020

How to wash the reusable protective mask?

The daily life of the Portuguese has become a real strip and put on protective masks.
Outubro 6, 2020

5 ways to avoid skin irritation with the use of a mask

This new accessory indispensable to our daily lives has not been well received by all skin types.